Bangladeshi minister, 67, marries 29-year-old


A politician's marriage does not always make news. Except in this case, where the bridegroom was 67 years old while the bride was just 29.

The wedding of Mujibul Haque, Bangladesh's aging Railway Minister, to Honufa Akhter Rikta, who is 38 years younger to him, took place on October 31.

The marriage happened with much fanfare in Comilla, with as many as 700 people attending the event from the groom's side, said a newspaper report.

To mark the wedding, most intersections on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway were decorated to greet the groom, said another news report.

This is Haque's first marriage.  

The minister's aide said Haque was so busy with his political career that he never thought of marrying. Then he met Honufa.

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