Sri Lankans without NICs urged to apply before November 30


Sri Lanka's Department of Registration of Persons (DRP) has instructed all 331 Divisional Secretariats of the island to take measures to issue National Identity Cards (NICs) to those who does not have a one.

The Sri Lankan government estimates that there are nearly 100,000 persons without NICs.

The Department of Registration of Persons therefore, requests all those who do not possess NICs to apply for NICs through their Village Officer (Grama Niladhari) on or before November 30.

All Village Officers (Grama Niladharis) are instructed to give priority to this program which will be carried out before the forthcoming Presidential Elections, the Government Media Unit said.

Accordingly, the Department of Registration of Persons (DRP) is planning to issue 100,000 NICs.

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