Search operation continues despite adverse weather; says Army


Central Province Security Commander Major General Mano Perera said that search team are conducting continuous operations in the Meeriyabadda area in Koslanda, Haldummulla despite rain.

Another body was recovered yesterday during the rescue operations increasing the total death toll to 6 persons.

He further noted that rescue teams are determined to reach the area which is suspected to have buried the most number of bodies and debris as soon as possible.

The meteorology department states that Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places over most provinces of the island particularly during the afternoon or evening.

Showers may occur at several places in the coastal areas around the island during the morning, too.

More showers can be expected over the coastal areas extending from Kankasanturai to Matara via Colombo

Duty Meterelogist Jeewan Karunarathna requests the General public to take adequate precautions to minimize the damages caused by lightning activities.


Search operations continue in Meeriya-bedda; 11,000 affected by inclement weather

Central Province Security Commander Major General Mano Perera told our news team that search team are conducting continuous operations in areas which have been identified to have buried houses and bodies.

The disaster management centre requests the public not to visit the Meeriyabadda area to view the landslide hit area.

Such visitors were sent back by the police due to the risk of landslides in the areas surrounding Meeriya-badda.

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Centre says that 11,000 people across the island have been severely affected by the adverse weather.

Meanwhile the met department says showers could be expected in most provinces today as well.


Operations continue in search of those buried under 20 feet high earth mounds; Landslide risk in lower Ampitikanda area

Central Province Security Commander Major General Mano Perera says that maximum efforts will be put in today to clear the earth mounds caused by the landslide in Meeriya-bedda in Koslanda in Haldummulla.

He stated that the landslide-hit houses of Meeriyabedda have been pushed 300 meters away and soil has piled up to 20 feet high on the buried houses.

700 Army Personnel, Air Force and Police have joined in the search operations.

Meanwhile Disaster Management Center stated that 100 persons are still missing as only 4 bodies of the missing were recovered so far.

1,413 persons who were displaced have taken shelter at the Ganesha Tamil College and Poonagala Tamil College.

Meanwhile, Badulla District Coordinator of the National Building Research Organization Senior Geologist Kelum Senevirathna stated that there is a landslide risk in the lower Ampitiyakanda area.

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