300 persons confirmed missing owing to Haldumulla Landslide


The Disaster Management Center stated that 300 persons are missing following a landslide that occurred around 7.30 this morning at Meeriyabedda in Haldummulla.

Disaster Management Center Assistant Director Pradeep Kodippili said 10 bodies have been recoevered so far.

Meanwhile Disaster management officials requested the public not to visit Meeriyabedda as the area is prone to further landslides.

Rescue operation continues searching for nearly 250 people who went missing after the landslide in Meeriyabedda - Halldummulla.

It was reported earliar this morning that a row of line houses in the Haldemulla area in Badulla have been damaged due to a landslide this morning and 2 bodies have been recovered buried under the rubble.

The Disaster Management Centre said that the rescue operations are underway with the help of the army and the police.

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