Update: Cabinet approves the Budget


The 2015 budget was approved when the Cabinet met at Temple Trees this morning.

After President Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected to the top post, this is the 10th budget to be presented today by him in his capacity as the Finance Minister.

Prime Minister D.M. Jayarathna presented the Appropriation Bill in parliament on the 26th of last month.  According to the Appropriation Bill, the government’s total expenditure has been estimated as 1 thousand 812 billion rupees. Government’s expenditure this year is 1 thousand 542 billion rupees, and comparing to this year, government’s next year expenditure has been increased by 17%.

It is expected that many relief measures will be given to the public in the budget to be presented by the President this afternoon.


The 2015 budget is scheduled to be presented in parliament today.

This is the 10th UPFA Government’s budget President Mahinda Rajapaksa presents as finance minister after being elected President.

According to the draft budget proposals presented in parliament on 26th ultimo, the total expenditure is Rs. 1812 billion.

It is a 17 per cent increase over the 2014 full expenditure of Rs. 1542 billion.

According to the draft budget proposals next year’s estimated president’s operations and development expenditure is Rs. 9. 5 billion.

Among ministries, the largest amount of funds has been estimated for the State Security and Urban Development Ministry.

This amount is Rs. 285, 02 million.

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