19 arrested for drug possession at a facebook party in Hikkaduwa


19 individuals were arrested at a hotel in Hikkaduwa- Wewala, during a party organized via facebook.

7 youth were arrested for the possession of drugs, of those 7 , 3 were females.

9 grams of marijuana, 16 lollipops containing lethal intoxicants and 50 miligrams of cocaine were seized by Police.

Police media spokespersons office noted that 12 of the 19 arrested were released on bail.

The hotel was raided by Meetiyagoda police, with the assistance of officers from Karandeniya and Baddegama police stations after obtaining a search warrant from tGalle magistrates court.

The raid took place following a tipoff received stating that a party had been organized, where alcohol and drugs were being abused by youth.

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