Japanese trade and industry minister quits


Japan's trade and industry minister has submitted her resignation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over claims she abused political funds.

Yuko Obuchi is alleged to have used funds from her political support groups and other donations on make-up and other items unconnected to politics.

She handed Mr Abe a letter of resignation during a 30-minute meeting.

Correspondents say it is a blow to Mr Abe, who wants to bring more women into the top levels of government.

Ms Obuchi, 40, was one of five women appointed by Mr Abe in his last cabinet reshuffle last month and tipped by some as a future prime minister.

But last week came news that her staff had spent tens of thousands of dollars of campaign funds shopping for designer goods, and tens of thousands more on taking constituents on trips to Tokyo.

Source : BBC

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