Issues on its way to Executive Presidency can be taken to the court says MR


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that if there is an issue with him contesting for a third presidency term, one can go to courts.

He made this statement during the meeting held with the health staff this morning at Temple Trees.

The President shared the following views:

                " ...........For some the executive presidency is an issue. They say they do not want it. They say it is a dictatorial system. The TNA has formed its own government in Europe Diaspora. They have formed their own state. They need to let go of their ideology of dividing this country. We will not have it for even 24 hours. We will give the power of changing the executive presidency to the Cabinet and Parliament. I cannot do that. That can only be done through Parliament. That has to be constitutionally. We are always prepared give the Parliament that power. I do not know why they are not allowing the public to decide on this. There is no point in saying that we cannot contest for a third term and can only be there for two terms. They need to come before the people and sort it out with the people. So if there is an issue, you can go to courts with it...."

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