Facebook requests time to respond to ‘blockade’ in Sri Lanka


The government says that the ‘blockade’ that is imposed on social media sites in Sri Lanka would continue till the government received an official statement from Facebook stating that ‘hate speech’ would be removed.
Facebook has however requested time to respond to the request as the company does not have sufficient manpower with the knowledge in the Sinhala to filter ‘hate speech’ posted in Sinhala.
Facebook said yesterday that the company was collaborating with the Sri Lankan government and the NGOs to remove any comments that would incite hatred and violence.
Last Wednesday the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, temporarily banned social media access due to the publication and exchange of news that incited disunity amongst communities with the spread of violence in Kandy.
Entry to Social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Imo have been suspended as a result.

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