Court regects the request made by police over Sabaragamuwa Uni satyagraha


The Balangoda Magistrate Court has rejected the request the police had made for removing the Sabaragamuwa university students engaged in a satyagraha on a trellis in the Balangoda  - Pambahinna junction.

While the police requested Magistrate G. L. Kannangara for the removal of a group of university students occupying a hostel, this request too was rejected.

It marks the 49th day today since the students launched a satyagraha at the Pambahinna junction over several demands including the removal of the ban imposed on university student unions.

While a certain gang set fire to the students satyagraha trellis and destroyed it on 10th this month, subsequently these students reconstructed a satyagraha trellis on Sunday.

Meanwhile the University Vice Chancellor along with the Teachers’ union and the students attempted to resolve the situation that has cropped up at the Sabaragamuwa university

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