The colorful world of Hong Kong's protest art


While there were signs on Monday that Hong Kong's protests might be coming to a low ebb, their visual impact looks likely to last for a while.

"This is the most well-designed protest in recent memory," says Colette Gaiter, an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Delaware who has done extensive research on protest art.

Art can be seen all over the protests. Outside Hong Kong's government offices, for instance, protesters created a wall full of Post-it notes.

Some of the colorful messages simply read "I love Hong Kong." Others depict sketched umbrellas which have become the symbol of the revolution.

It is not only umbrellas that are being depicted. U.S. and Asian cartoon heroes are also represented among the Post-it notes in front of Hong Kong's government offices.

According to Garrett, they are expression of a new political polarization.

Source- Washington Post

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