Meryl Streep says Oprah Winfrey has 'the voice of a leader'


Actress Meryl Streep has said Oprah Winfrey has "the voice of a leader", as speculation swirls that the chat show queen may mount a presidential bid.

In an interview with The Andrew Marr Show in the UK, Hanks and his co-star in The Post, Meryl Streep and the film's director Stephen Spielberg all weighed in on the idea of a potential presidential campaign from Oprah.

Referring to Oprah's speech at last weekend's Golden Globes, Streep said: "That is how you rouse people. That is how you lead."

Streep went on to say She "certainly set the bar pretty high for anybody else who decides to run" for president in 2020.

Tom Hanks has said Oprah could become president and is one of a kind who works to make the world a better place.

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