Taliban leader reveals location on Twitter


Last week, Zabihullah Mujahid who is Taliban's spokesman, was caught unawares when he seems to have accidently switched on the geolocation tracking on his handle that has 6000 followers on Twitter.

Even though Mujahid refuses to believe that he switched the service on, it showed him as posting not from Afghanistan but from Sindh which is Pakistan.

Interestingly, Pakistan has always refuted allegations that it is a hiding ground for many Afghan Taliban fighters. But this time around, there is nowhere to hide.

On Twitter, the location services are turned off by default and cannot be activated unless the user turns them on. But post the technological embarrassment, Mujahid refuses he made any such change to his account handle.

This has also brought forth, the inability of social networking sites to prevent Islamic state fighters to use the media for the purpose of propaganda. It becomes all the more easy as it is not mandatory to show the location from where the posts are being made.

In a nutshell, after witnessing the better side of American technology, Mujahid has seen the bitter bit too!

Source : India today

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