"Bride" weds Bride in Russia


They are both gorgeous, they are both in matching white dresses, they are both ‘brides’, and they both could pass off as twins. 23 year-oldDmitry Kozhukhov, is the androgynous groom-bride who prefers to go by the name of Alina Davis. And a month ago, Alina and 19-year-old Allison married in Moscow, much to the objection of Russian officials.

Although filing the application in the marriage registry office did not cause the two any trouble, The Mirror quotes Alina discussing the problems they faced right before the wedding: ‘..the head of the registry office called several times, telling us that they didn’t want us to turn up both in wedding dresses. He said marriages in Russia were between a man and a woman and nobody else.’

But Alina and Allison DID show up in identical wedding dresses and as there is no law in Russia enforcing a wedding dress code, the officials could do nothing but allow the couple to continue.

The picture of Russia’s first ever Androgynous wedding has since gone viral on the web.



Source: NDTV

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