21 countries join hands with Sri Lanka at Human Rights Commission


22 developing countries of the Like Minded Group in Geneva, in a joint statement, have said the Group "believes that the intrusive mandate given to the OHCHR to carry out investigations on Sri Lanka is unwarranted, especially in the context where the country is implementing its own domestic processes.

It said OHCHR's efforts should contribute to a state's own efforts in the promotion and protection of human rights.

The Like Minded Group also stated that any external assistance to countries should expressly be in consultation with and with the consent of that country.

The statement also went on to say that the statement added the international community should be mindful not to jeopardize the delicate process of reconciliation that is already underway in Sri Lanka.

The countries who joined the statement were Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, DPRK, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

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