Are the new iPhones bending? Watch Video


Multiple iPhone 6 Plus users are reporting accidental bending of their handsets while in the pocket.

Reports of bent iPhone 6 Plus handsets are popping up on social media.

Experts are divided over whether Apple should respond to claims that its new iPhone 6 handsets are prone to becoming bent when carried in trouser pockets.

Several members of the public have posted photos to the MacRumors site that appear to show the problem.

A reporter for the news site also reported his phone had warped.

One product reviewer posted a video showing how far the larger frame can bend if one really, really tries.

In the video, he is seen using just his hands for exerting pressure on the iPhone 6 Plus from the rear panel and during the course of the test, a bend is seen just below the volume rocker.

The reviewer points out that the place housing the power, and volume keys might be the weakest spot.

He also noted; “after the completion of the iPhone 6 Plus bend test, the handset was still working fine; however the display cracked when attempted to bend the body back into shape.”

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