President addresses at the UNGA


Addressing the 69th session of the United Nation’s General Assembly this morning, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that Human rights are used as a tool to implement motivated agendas with no understanding or appreciation of the complexity of issues in the countries concerned.

The President noted that Human rights should be recognised by all as a moral and ethical concept rather than as a political tool.

The President further noted that External intervention without adequate consideration of the structures in a society and cultural traditions of the countries where such intervention takes place, inevitably results in destabilisation, which is very much in evidence today, in most parts of the world.

President Mahinda Rajapksa said “Post-conflict Sri Lanka has also become an unfortunate victim of ill-conceived agendas of some in the Human Rights Council, who pay scant regard to the substantial progress achieved by Sri Lanka, in reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation within a short span of 5 years.”

He also noted that there is an obvious lack of balance and proportion in the manner in which Sri Lanka is being targeted today, disregarding its significant achievements.

The President said “This is in sharp contrast with the approach to deeply disturbing situations involving humanitarian emergencies elsewhere.”

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