The world at his feet


A british company has offered $ 1000 million offer for my pair of shoes, Minister of Cultural Affiars T.B. Ekanayake said speaking about his broken shoes during the visit of the Chinese President Xi JinPing last week.

The Minister was seen in a white pair of shoes with his toes coming out during the occasion of signing of many agreements with the visiting Chinese President.

The Ministerial toes became an instant hit on the net after the Foreign Correspondents Association (Sri Lanka) posted the pictures on its Facebook. It went viral.

Minister was tip-toeing when called to place his signature on an agreement between the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China and the Ministry of Culture and the Arts of Sri Lanka.

However, Minister Ekanayake maintained that they were the best matching pair he had, but were not in use for several years.

“Even Dudley Senanayke has had similar experience, when he participated in a ceremony in full suit without shoes as he had to throw them away due to the detachment of the soles on the way,” he said.

“These are minor matters to be bothered about,” he said

At a time when ministers have got used to wear pairs of shoes worth more than one hundred thousand rupees, the incident became a hot topic as a State Minister was clad in a worn out and bottomless pair during a State ceremony.

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