UPFA claims victory in Uva: UNP secures 13 seats


The United People’s Freedom Alliance has secured victory at the Uva Provincial Council election.

According to the final result of the Badulla district, the UPFA obtained 209 thousand 056 votes which accounts to 47.37 percent.

The UPFA thus secured 9 seats while the UNP came in 2nd with 8 seats as they obtained 97 thousand 708 votes which accounted for 44.79 percent.

The JVP obtained 20 thousand 625 votes which was 4.67 percent of the total vote and managed to secure 1 seat.

The United National Party was victorious in 3 out of the 9 electorates in the Badulla district namely, Badulla, Hali-ela and Welimada, while the UPFA won in Mahiyanganaya, Wiyaluwa, Passara, Uva Paranagama, Bandarawela and Haputale.

Meanwhile, the UPFA managed to secure victory in all 3 electorates of Moneragala.

The UPFA obtained 140 thousand 850 votes while the UNP obtained 77 thousand 065 and the JVP obtained 15 thousand 955 votes.

The United People’s Freedom Alliance won the Uva Provincial Council election obtaining 75 thousand 133 votes more than the UNP.

The Badulla district was won by the UPFA with a majority of 11 thousand 348 votes while the Moneragala district was won with a majority of 63 thousand 785.

However, the UNP, JVP and Democratic Party together polled 221 thousand 535 votes while the UPFA had obtained 209 thousand 056 votes.

As the JVP came in 3rd in Badulla, the Democratic Unity Alliance formed by Minister’s Rauf Hakeem and Rishard Badiudeen’s parties came in 4th.

The NFF came in 5th while Sarath Fonseka’s Democratic Party came in 6th.

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