Global community was late to intervene in Sri Lanka; says US


The US has said that the global community should have acted earlier and more appropriately to situations in some troubled nations like Sri Lanka, during its military campaign against the LTTE.

In a statement at a UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva yesterday, the US said a delayed response by the international community resulted in decaying human rights situations in some countries.

Issued during a panel discussion on the role of prevention in promotion and protection of human rights, it said the most troubling aspect of recent atrocities is the concern that they could have been prevented.

Sri Lanka has been subject to three UNHRC resolutions in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Meanwhile, the United Nations, stated that Sri Lanka has not asked the UN for help for the Special Bureau of Reconciliation it is setting up to deal with the legacy of the civil war that ravaged the island nation.

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