Sri Lankan sends ex-girlfriend’s nude photos to her relatives


A Sri Lankan swimming instructor demanded his former Indian girlfriend to pay him Dh10,000 after she broke relationship with him but on failing that he sent her naked photos to her family.

MA, 23, told Dubai Police that her ex-lover AB, 34, had taken her naked photos via his mobile phone and then sent them to her uncle and sister via Facebook after she broke relationship with him.

In order to take revenge against her for ending relationship, he told her family that he is in love with her and she too wants to marry him and sent them her photos.

“I told him that I do not want to continue my relationship with him and he should stop or I will tell my uncle and ask him to lodge a complaint against him,” she told investigators.

The complainant said she had paid the accused Dh2,000 for deleting her photos and also not to tell her parents about their relationship. However, when she failed to pay him the remaining Dh8,000, he sent her seven naked photos to her uncle and sister.

Police arrested AB and retrieved complainant’s photos from his mobile phone.

The Sri Lankan swimming instructor is prosecuted for unlawfully logging into a private information using the internet, posting and distributing immoral material and threatening the victim.

(Source: Emirates24/7)

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