PAFFERAL reveals the Focal point of the Election; 750 monitors sent to UVA.


The Paffrel Organization stated today that offering bribes of different nature to voters with political aim is the most significant feature of the Uva Provincial Council election.


Presenting his observation of the developments of the Uva Provincial Council, Paffrel Executive Director Rohana Hetti Arachchi expressed these views during a media briefing held in Colombo this morning.


He also said another focal point of the Uva election is that government servants were politicized and used for party politics.


Hetti Arachchi also said his organization has received 375 complaints including incidents of violence, and 67 incidents among them were reported from the Moneragala district.


Meanwhile Pafferel chief said that 750 election observers will be deployed to monitor the Uva Provincial Council polls to be held on September 20th.


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