Healthy long life secrets from the 115 oldy


The healthiest 115 aged and the second oldest women Susannah Mushatt Jones reveals of her secret of living to the public.

She ties her head in a yellow scarf for warmth, and her body in a red and green blanket.

On the 6th of july she is above to turn the most anticipated milestone of her life 115 years and she says its unbelievable.

She is Spending her time with her family in New york.

she says that she never drunk or smoked and to this day she sleeps like a champion—upwards of 10 hours a night.

For starters, she loves bacon. Every morning she eats four strips of it, followed by scrambled eggs and grits.

“Sometimes, she’ll take the last strip, fold it in a napkin, put it in her pocket and save it for later,” says her niece Selbra Mushatt, 70.

She also seems to be a minimalist when it comes to interfering with her health. The only medication she takes is a multivitamin and a pill for her blood pressure.

She sees a primary care physician every three to four months.

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