Indian Fishermen refuse to remove trawlers from the palk strait


A Tamil Nadu fisherman’s body, which was washed to the shore's in Delft Island in Northern Sri Lanka, has been identified as that of Gnana-prakasam in Rama-natha-puram, India.

The body was identified by the aid of  AIADMK’s ‘two leaves’ symbol tattooed on the leg.

It was reported that on the 6th of september that  three Tamil Nadu  fisherman who had gone fishing on the 25th of August has not returned.

Meanwhile, Indian fishermen say that they have been using the bottom-trawling method for more than four decades, and they can’t be asked to abandon it overnight.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa recently said  that Indian Trawlers were causing grave harm to the local marine environment.

A fishing union leader in India stated that if the fishermen of Rama-natha-puram and Pudu-kottai districts were to be asked to stop bottom-trawling, they will have to give up their long term of sustainabilty and the way they relied on  fishing as no alternative method is immediately available.

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