Spy arrested in India found as a LTTE activist


Sri Lankan national Arun Selvarajan, arrested by the National intelligence agency on Wednesday for spying in India on behalf of Pakistan's ISI, has turned out to be an LTTE man.

Selvarajan a Lankan tamil is a wanted person in Sri Lanka for providing logistical support to LTTE cadres.

There is a lookout notice pending against him.

His interrogation has revealed that he was a far bigger asset for ISI than the myriad spies it recruits routinely.

He was not just conducting espionage but was also helping the agency prepare for possible terror attacks.

Sources revealed that he had even conducted investigations of the Kalapakkam nuclear plant site in Tamil Nadu and enrolled in an aviation academy in India and his study was funded by ISI.

Meanwhile, Pakistan rejected a report that India had arrested a Sri Lankan on the charge of spying on behalf of Pakistani intelligence agencies, saying this may be a "recycling" of some old incident.

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