Government to initiate a mobile rice supply system around the Island


ohnston Fernando, minister of Internal Trade and Co-operatives, says steps will be taken within the next 10 days to stabilise rice prices which are currently exceeding government price controls.

He added that a countrywide mobile rice supply system will be initiated for this purpose.

The 299th branch store of Lanka Sathosa was declared open in Borella on Sept. 10. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Johnston Fernando remarked on the problems posed by high rice prices.

"The rice prices are truly high today. We acept that. We didn’t receive the expected yield for three seasons because of the drought and that has driven up the price of paddy. It is good for the farmers but not for the consumers in the city. If we try to arrest this trend, what will happen is that they will start hiding rice stocks and there will be a shortage of rice in the country. Thereby, the government has decided for the first time, to grant permission for the importation of rice. In the next 10 days,a we hope to distribute rice via Lanka Sathosa lorries to every city and at every junction. We will sell rice from each junction to bring the price under control. We will not try to escape from this problem. We will protect the farmers and the consumers."

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