Crows to be chased in the vicinity of Colombo Gold Centre


Environmentalists criticized the  attempts initiated by the Colombo Municipal Council to remove and destroy crows' nests located in and around the vicinity of the 'Colombo Gold Center' in Pettah.
Animal rights activist and President of the Sathva Mithra (Friends of animals) Organisation Sagarika Rajakarunanayake stated that they have received reliable information on the fact that the Fire Brigade was instructed to destroy all the crows nests in the vicinity of the Colombo Gold Center on Saturday evening.

Ms. Rajakarunanayake  noted "We have reliably learnt that they had been instructed to throw away all the eggs, remove the nests and chase away the crows in the area,"

Officials of the Fire Brigade said they were given the instructions to remove the crows nests by the Colombo Municipal Council Commissioner but added they abandoned their work on Sunday evening  due to logistical challenges.

"The vehicles we use for the purpose were too large to be operated in the area and its a time consuming task. As a result, we impeded vehicle movement in the area so the Police had to ask us to leave. We have informed the CMC of the difficulty and noted they would have to seek some other easy method to remove the nests," the officials said.

Ms. Rajakarunanayake expressed strong objection against the move to destroy the crows nests and force the crows away from the vicinity of the Colombo Gold Center.

"The officials who give the instructions to carry out such tasks - however high-placed they are - have no right to do so. The crows play a very important role by cleansing the environment and if these decision-makers have even an ounce of Sri Lankanism in them, they would know that this bird is a much loved and respected animal," she said while adding they appeal the authorities to 'stop this madness.'

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