Indian Air Force launches country's first 3D mobile game


Embarking on its first sortie in virtual world, the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Thursday launched nation’s first 3D mobile game in a bid to attract generation-next youth to pursue a career in the air force.

Launching the 3D mobile game ‘Guardians of the Skies’ (GOTS), Air Marshal S. Sukumar hailed the event as a significant milestone in encouraging youth to join IAF and also expressed concerns over tapping the best of the human resources from the upcoming generations.

“It is indeed a significant milestone in our consorted campaign to connect to the best of the boys and the girls among the nation’s youth and motivate them to join the air force so as to become great patriotic men and women ready to serve the country in any situation,” he said.

“We are getting the numbers, but we want to attract the best of the boys and the girls to join the Air Force,” said Mr. Sukumar, who is also the Air Officer-in-charge Personnel.

GOTS, which is freely available on android, windows and iOS platforms for mobile, has been conceptualised to showcase the might of the air force in a virtual format with users being offered gripping air combat scenarios and realistic graphics, he said.

The Air Marshal further stressed upon the need for better human resource along with modern technology as the deciding factor in future conflicts.

Courtesy:The Hindu

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