Postal voting peaceful; says Election observers


The election Watchdog Paffrel states postal voting in the Uva Province is taking place peacefully.

The Organization stated 75 election monitors have been deployed in several selected polling stations.

The postal voting will be held tomorrow as well.

At the same time, the Election Secretariat stated the government servants who fail to vote today and tomorrow can vote on the 11th of this month at district election offices.

10 thousand 671 government servants from the Moneragala district and 19 thousand 985 from the Badulla district have been qualified for postal voting.

Meanwhile election secretariat has banned video filming, photographing or using mobile phones inside polling stations.

It also stated that government workers who represent any political party or independent group cannot engage in election monitoring duties at the government offices in which they serve.


Uva provincial council postal voting will take place today and tomorrow.


The Election Secretariat said that government officers who could not cast their postal votes on these two days could do so at district election officers on September 11th.


Deputy Election Commissioner M. M. Mohammed told  that 10 thousand 671 government employees from the Moneragala District and 19 thousand 985 government employees from the Badulla District were eligible for casting postal votes.


The Deputy Commissioner told  that the Election Secretariat had provided 40 million rupees to the Postal Department in connection with postal voting.


It is forbidden to take still or video photographs or to use mobile phones within the polling centers.


The Election Secretariat said that employees of the institution casting postal votes were barred from participating as representatives of a political party or an independent group.


Deputy Election Commissioner M. M. Mohammed said further that if security was required for postal voting locations, security could be obtained by informing the relevant police station.


Meanwhile Police Headquarters said that a special security programme had been put in place in view of postal voting.


Police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that action would also be taken to set up emergency road blocks in the vicinity of postal voting centres .

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