Queen Elizabeth, selfies and the ‘best photo-bomb in history’


She was captured ‘photo-bombing’ two Commonwealth Games athletes over the summer and has even posed for her first ‘selfie’.

But the Queen has confided that she actually finds the phenomena of people filming her on their mobile phones rather ‘strange’.

Never one to get on her soapbox, her feelings on the subject have, however, been made public by the US Ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun.

The 43-year-old diplomat, tipped as a future American president, told this month’s Tatler magazine that he was invited, along with his wife, to Buckingham Palace when they arrived in the UK last year.

He recalled how they had a ‘nice chat’ with the Queen, who told them ‘how strange she finds it these days, with the crowds all standing there holding up their mobile phones’.

‘She was essentially saying, ‘I miss eye contact,’ Mr Barzun told the magazine.

The 88-year-old sovereign is by no means a Luddite – owning a mobile phone and an iPod on which, it is said, staff download The Proms for her to listen to.

She and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, 93, are also said to be surprisingly computer literate.

But according to senior royal sources the Queen does find the trend for members of the public to stand close up and attempt to film their encounters with her ‘not a little disconcerting’.

On her recent state visit to Paris, it is understood that some over-excited members of the public had to be physically restrained as they rushed forward, camera phones brandished, to photograph and video her

The Queen was declared to have carried out the ‘best photo-bomb in history’ when she walked, smiling, into a shot being taken by two Australian hockey players at the Commonwealth Games earlier this summer.

Source: MailOnline

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