I am the one who updates Duminda Silva’s Facebook page as the administrator of the account- sister says


Former MP Duminda Silva’s sister said that the news article published in an English newspaper today asking how his Facebook page is updated when he is in prison is a joke as well as a piece written by those who are not technology literate.

Ms. Dilini Silva said that she, operating as the Facebook administrator for Duminda Silva’s official page, posts photographs on it. She added that the article was written without checking facts to mislead and deceive the public.

She further said that only photographs and videos are published on the page with "Administered by Dilini Silva" clearly mentioned on it.

She said that anyone who uses Facebook knows that a person who has the ‘Administrator’ status can publish any posts on that respective page.

Former MP Duminda Silva’s sister said, “Please note Duminda Silva’s Facebook page and accounts are administered and updated by me. The posts clearly states I have uploaded it. The accounts clearly states it's administered by Dilini Silva. It is clearly evident that he cannot update his fb anymore. Any fb page can nominate a number of administrators to handle the accounts and anyone who isn't aware of this need to educate themselves on digital technology. It is a yet another effort to mislead the public.”

Given below is how "Administered by Dilini Silva" is depicted on former MP’s Facebook page…

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