Dharmaraja principal speaks about student attack on face book


Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake has instructed police to investigate and submit a report with regard to the incident involving the assault of an Advanced Level student from Dharmaraja College by a certain group.

Senior DIG of the Central Province Lalith Jayasinghe has been advised to submit this report within 4 hours.

A video clip in which the group of individuals assaulted the student the college was published on social media websites yesterday.

The video shows the group in civvies, assaulting the student as he was leaving the school premises at 1.43pm on Monday November 21st.

The Principal of Dharmaraja College Dampiya Wanasinghe told our news team that a prefect had advised the victim to trim his hair in accordance with the college rules. An altercation between the two followed.

The student was assaulted by the group of individuals that afternoon.

College principal Wanasinghe also said that police arrived at the college to investigate.

When our news team contacted Kandy Police station, its acting OIC said that no compliant in connection with such an incident has been made so far.


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