Decision about Avant Garde vessel to be made today


The Order as to whether the Avant Guard vessel anchored in the Galle port as a case object should be released or auctioned is scheduled to be given today.

When the case came up on the 9th of this month, Galle Chief Magistrate 

Nilupuli Lankapura told court that he had no objection for the release of the ship as pleaded by the respondent company.

The state counsel said the ship might be released on a surety bond of 200 thousand dollars and permission should be obtained from court as to what should be done to the ship after the release.

Responding to the state counsel’s submission, the lawyers for the respondent firm said that the company had already spent over 77 million rupees for maintenance over the last year and a month and it is excessive to pay the large amount quoted by the state counsel.

Lawyers for the respondent company said the ship was 30 years time worn and since that date, they would boot out of the responsibility of maintenance of the ship and in the event of any damage caused to the ship effecting environmental destruction to the sea, the government was responsible as the ship was under the custody of the state.

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