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In a suburb of Shanghai, a shabby old textile mill serves as a model of the wider economic transformation China is trying to achieve.

Where once low-wage workers churned out clothes for export, today a new company has taken up residence that is riding the wave of China's consumer spending boom.

In fact Mr Wedding - a small business employing 16 people - is part of an industry that has been booming like few others anywhere in history.

According to state media, China's marriage market - the money spent on ceremonies, catering, honeymoons and hospitality - has grown from almost nothing a couple of decades ago to a whopping annual 800bn yuan ($130bn; £78bn).

And Mr Wedding, from its old factory base, is trying to carve out a little slice of that economy by offering Shanghai's brides-and-grooms-to-be a familiar service with a twist.

Courtesy: BBC

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