Here’s what “Ran ran ran mala palada mal gawasala” songstress was up to in America


Teesha came into fame with her catchy song “Ran ran ran mala palada mal gawasala”. After its release Teesha went to the US and we found that she is now living in Hagerstown in Maryland.

The songstress told  that she has now embarked upon a new venture.

After leaving the country in 2008, Teesha is now prepared to drop a new Sinhala song. After eight years Teesha’s fans can now listen to another exciting song.

She is also preparing to record 30 English songs with her American record label. She is also the first Sri Lankan female artist to get her own record label in America.

What is even more interesting is that Teesha has written lyrics and the script for the visual of her new song, which is the Sinhala version of her English number.

Titled ‘Api Denna’ the new song has another unique quality too. This is the first Sinhala song where a foreigner would act in. Model Chris Forza is acting in the video.

Teesha says that this is the most captivating song that she has written. The promotional video of the song was released on YouTube yesterday.

Teesha shared her views about her new project this way…

“This is the first song I’m releasing after coming to America. I’m happy to work with an American crew. They call me ‘Teesha- the Sri Lankan Queen,’” she said.

The song will be dropped on December 09 or before.

“Wherever I go I love Sri Lanka. That is my mother country,’ she added.

Watch the promo video below…

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