US elections: Tight race between Clinton and Trump in crucial state of Florida


Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are locked in a tight race for the critical battleground state of Florida - the biggest prize in the presidential race.

With 91 per cent of the votes counted on Wednesday morning, Trump is leading Clinton 49 per cent to 47.9 per cent. But there's a significant number of votes outstanding in the heavily Democratic areas of south Florida, including Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

The state, with its 29 electoral votes, is crucial to any candidate contesting in the US presidential election.

The winning candidate needs a total of 270 electoral votes. As at 10.20am Singapore time, Trump has 128 votes, ahead of Clinton who has 97 votes.

All eyes are on the swing states which will determine who will be the next US president, but there are few indications yet of how the race is going to swing.  

The election is likely to turn on the results of several swing states in the east, including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire. But the race in these states are still too close to call.

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