Paramedic’s strike called off for 48 hours


The Paramedical Joint Union Federation has decided to temporarily suspend the strike launched by them for 5 consecutive days, for a period of 48 hours, from 8am today.

This decision has been made following discussions held with the acting minister of health, Lalith Dissanayake.

The chief secretary of the union, Saman Jayasekera expressed these views about the discussion.

The Colombo district Court issued an enjoining order on the Para-medics’ strike on Friday after taking into consideration a petition filed by a patient of the National Hospital in Colombo.

However the Para-medics’ strike continued yesterday, noting that they didn’t receive the court order.

Various hospital services were hindered during the past 5 days due to the Para-medics’ strike.

All patients were severely inconvenienced by this move.


Colombo district court issues an interim order to suspend the paramedics strike until Sep 12 after considering a petition submitted by a patient

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