Thilini to file FR case against police


Thilini Amalka who had allegedly been subjected to sexual harassment by a man at the Wariyapola bus stand is to file a Fundamental Rights Violation case against the police for arresting her.

Attorney-at-Law Lakshan Dias, who is appearing for Thilini said his client’s fundamental rights had been violated when she was arrested by the police. Mr. Dias said that in a situation where his client was a victim, her arrest by the Wariyapola Police and the subsequent actions of the police were unlawful.

“In this case my client, Thilini Amalka was a victim. Her arrest was unlawful when she herself was the victim. This is a clear breach of her fundamental rights,” he said.

He pointed out that the police had not taken sufficient action with regard to the complaint she had made.

“Thilini made a complaint at the Children and Women Bureau on August 25. But the police did not take any action in respect of this. The Headquarters Inspector (HQI) of the Wariyapola Police Station asked our client for number of the case which she had filed at the bureau only yesterday. Police did not act fairly in this incident,” he said.

The attorney at law expressed his displeasure at the way certain media outlets had acted with regard to the issue.

“It is very sad to see the response of certain media sources. The whole focus was on the issue that a woman hit a man and whether a woman had the right do so. Rather what happened was that she hit a man who harassed her in self defence,” he said.

Thilini Amalka was taken into police custody on 27th and was released on bail. She was arrested in respect of the incident in Wariyapola, where she slapped a man who had made indecent sexual remarks and exposed himself. 

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