Mattakkuliya shooting incident as a result of a previous murder case


Revelations about two prior murders which caused the underworld dispute yesterday in Mattakkuliya- Summitpura, has come to light.

A senior police officer supervising the investigation noted that a group belonging to the underworld gang lead by  “Chooti Ukkuwaa”, murdered the father of another underworld gang leader named “Kudu Roshan”, 3 years ago.

Subsequently, the individual identified as Kudu Roshan, murdered the mother of Chooti Ukkuwa two and a half years ago.

In yesterday’s incident, Four individuals were killed and three wounded in the shooting that took place at  Summith -pura in Mattakkuliya.

The director of Colombo National Hospital Dr. Anil Jaasinghe said that two of the three admitted were in critical condition.

the investigation has been handed over to the CID.

The police have identified that four persons including the underworld member Chooti Ukkuvaa and his closest colleague were killed in the shooting.

It has been revealed that the individuals involved were aged between 24 and 29 years.

Four T 56 ammunition caps and two 9-milimetre Browning Pistol ammunition caps were recovered from the site of the shooting.

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