Elephant Thinks Man Is Drowning And Heroically Comes To His Rescue


As far back as our species can remember, we humans have tried to tell ourselves that animals don’t have feelings, don’t feel pain, and are, as old Descartes himself said, simply “animal machines”. Now, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t agree with that point of view.

If you’re the kind of person that finds it easier to believe that animals are simply appearing to have thoughts and feelings, then I’d advise you to listen up to the following tale. It involves a man, a fast current, and a very brave elephant.

Elephant Kham Lhaat was captured on film attempting to rescue his trainer Darrick. The video was captured at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, and has been viewed over two million times.
The following clip shows Kham Lhaat speed across a strong-flowing river as soon as he thinks his trainer Darrick is in danger, scooping him up with his trunk and pushing him to safety. Perhaps we should be employing these brave elephants as lifeguards instead of those apathetic teenagers we have at every pool?

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