Colourful past of 'womanising new king whose third wife sang happy birthday in a G-string to their DOG'


Wearing a tight, white crop top, his body adorned with temporary tattoos and holding a white fluffy poodle, this is the 64-year-old new king of Thailand.

The coronation of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn - which has been delayed by four days while he mourns the death of his father - has shone a spotlight on his colourful past.

For the father-of-seven has three failed marriages, a love of fast jets and a reputation for having an explosive temper.

During an attempted coup in Thailand in 2014, a film was published online of his third wife dressed in nothing but a black G-string while she sang happy birthday to the royal couple's beloved pet poodle, Fufu.

Following news of revered King Bhumibol's death on Thursday, Thailand's prime minister announced that Prince Maha - described by one royal biographer as 'a man prone to violence, fast cars and dubious business deals' - will ascend to the throne held by his father for 70 years.

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