Elections commissioner ready to call the STF for the UVA election


Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya informed IGP to strengthen security, if necessary, by deploying police special task force in violence-prone areas of the Uva Province.

The Election Commissioner thus informed the IGP after considering recent incidents.

The Election Commissioner has informed the IGP to increase patrolling where the patrolling done currently is insufficient and to deploy on duty personnel from other police stations to ensure security.

Meanwhile reports say that Senior DIG in charge of elections Gamini Navartne has informed Uva Province Senior Police Officers in writing to the effect that disciplinary action would be taken against police officers who are biased with any party in implementing laws relevant to the Uva provincial council election.

While the Election Commissioner toured the Uva province recently, the senior DIG was informed that still illegal propaganda hoardings had been found in some locations.    

According to this that the Senior DIG had given the above information  about possible disciplinary action to senior Uva police officers.

The Senior DIG in charge of Elections has informed that all illegal propaganda hoardings be removed with immediate effect and that the responsibility of doing so rested with the officers-in-charge of police stations and headquarter police inspectors.

Meanwhile Deputy Election Commissioner M. M. Mohamed told  that official election notification cards ( polling cards) relevant to the Uva provincial election would be handed over today for mail for distribution.

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