Call to strip British citizenship from 'traitors' who fight for Isil


Britons who fight for Isil in Iraq and Syria should be considered traitors and stripped of their British citizenship, the former shadow home secretary has said.

David Davis said Theresa May’s response to “psychopathic” jihadists has been “uncertain and limp” and she must permanently expel them from Britain before they return to commit atrocities.

The Home Secretary should defy Whitehall lawyers who argue rendering a person stateless is a breach of international law, Mr Davis said, arguing it is “not our problem” if Jihadists are stranded abroad.

Fighters who have denied their allegiance to Britain should discover that their “trip to Syria is no longer a short violent holiday but a life sentence to the lifestyle they claim to espouse, complete with Sharia law and a desert climate”, Mr Davis wrote on Sunday.

Source:The Telegraph

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