Clinton Breaks 50 Percent Mark, Now 10 Points Over Trump in New Quinnipiac Poll


Hillary Clinton has broken the 50 percent mark, beating Donald Trump by ten percentage points, 51-41, in the just-released Quinnipiac poll of likely voters.

Clinton is finding huge support among women, beating Trump 60 percent to 36 percent, while men prefer Trump, but by a much smaller margin, 48-42.

The former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator also wins big with non-white voters, beating Trump 77-15. Trump takes white voters by 11 points, 52-41.

"We are starting to hear the faint rumblings of a Hillary Clinton landslide as her 10-point lead is further proof that Donald Trump is in a downward spiral as the clock ticks," Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, says in the company's release detail.

"Trump's missteps, stumbles and gaffes seem to outweigh Clinton's shaky trust status and perceived shady dealings," he adds.

66 percent of voters say Clinton is qualified to be president, 33 percent disagree. By comparison, 58 percent say Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.

87 percent of voters say Clinton is intelligent, only 67 percent of voters say Trump is.

51 percent say Clinton cares about average Americans, only 41 percent say Trump cares about average Americans.

74 percent of likely voters say Donald Trump should release his tax returns, including 62 percent of Republicans.

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