A Rs. 20 million ransom demanded by the abductors of Bambalapitiya businessman


Bambalapitiya Kotalawala Mawatha resident and millionaire textile businessman Mohamed Sulaiman’s father is prepared to offer a Rs. 5 million reward to anyone furnishing information about the abductors of the businessman’s son.

The abducted millionaire businessman’s father told our news team that any information with regard to the incident should be communicated by dialing 077 010 19 71.

Police says that the gang that abducted millionaire businessman Mohamed Sulaiman has demanded a Rs. 20 million ransom for his release.

While the abducted businessman’s father had received a telephone call on Monday (22) demanding the ransom money, he had informed the police about it.

The 29-year-old kidnapped millionaire businessman’s parents had come to the house on the 20th of this month after a tour of India.

A gang that came in a car had carried out the abduction while he was remaining in his car while his wife opened the house gate.

A senior police official said that so far no information whatsoever had been received with regard to the ransom-demanding gang or the place where the victim was being detained.

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