Elizabeth Broderick finds bullying, sexual harassment rife in Australian Federal Police


A WOMAN promoted to a senior position was told, “you must give good blow jobs”.

Women sergeants referred to by male colleagues as, “just a vagina”.

A woman announcing her pregnancy to a supervisor told, “I thought we agreed you would keep your legs together”.

Male officers telling a lesbian colleague their mission was to, “convert her”.

The Australian Federal Police has been exposed as a cesspool of misogyny, where systemic sexual harassment and bullying flourish, in a new report by the country’s former sex discrimination commissioner.

Elizabeth Broderick, who led the high-profile review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force from 2011, has found a similar culture of misogyny in the nation’s top security agency.

In a six month examination of the organisation, Ms Broderick found women are grossly under-represented in the AFP — just 36 per cent of employees are female — and nearly half of them have reported being sexually harassed at work.

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