The racy photos and troubling questions about Donald Trump's wife


They first laid eyes on each other, so the story goes, at a party at New York’s fashion-able Kit Kat Club in 1998.

She was a tall, striking, 28-year-old Slovenian model, with geometric cheekbones and a sexy Slavic accent. He was a 52-year-old billionaire, with a ridiculous comb-over and a reputation as a ladies man.

Melania Knauss was chatting with a group of friends when Donald Trump, a pretty date hanging off his arm, entered the room.

Instantly mesmerised by the brunette, the billionaire sent his date off to the ladies room and made his move. No one knows what his killer line was. Perhaps a billionaire doesn’t need one.

Whatever it was, by the time his date returned, Melania had his numbers — all of them, not just the office line — to show his serious intent.

Their romance culminated in their wedding at Trump’s Florida estate in Palm Beach in 2005.

Now of course, following 70-year-old Trump’s winning of the Republican Presidential nomination last month, it is entirely possible that later this year the couple will step inside The White House as President and First Lady of America.

Just as it’s now claimed Melania moved to New York in 1995 — not 1996 as she still says — based on a set of highly-charged, lesbian-themed, nude photographs of her said to have been taken in New York in 1995, which re-surfaced last week — it is also now being suggested the Trumps may have got confused about the date of their first meeting.

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