Couple blames the Puttalam hospital for their newborns’ deaths


A couple complained that their twin infants died as a result of shortcomings at the neonatal intensive care unit of the Puttalam Base Hospital.

During the past few days three deaths of infant babies were reported.

About 650-700 babies are delivered in the hospital while some deaths also take place.

The recent deaths on Thursday (18) were of the twins. Their parents from Kiwulatharunaya road in Madurankuliya claimed that their infants, born underweight, died because of shortcomings at the hospital.

Three out of five incubators at the neonatal intensive care unit were broken, Dr. Sumith Aththanayaka of the hospital said.

As a result it was hard to treat underweight infants at the unit.

He added that they will investigate into the incidents.

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