A silver medal in the 3-metre springboard, and a marriage proposal for China's He Zi


He Zi not only left the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre Sunday with an Olympic silver medal, she also left with a ring.

After the victory ceremony in which the 25-year-old accepted the silver behind countrywoman Shi Tingmao in the 3-metre springboard diving final, her longtime boyfriend Qin Kai came out with something in his hands that left no doubt about what was to come.

But he took his sweet time getting to the crux of the matter.

Perhaps the longest proposal speech in the history of proposal speeches preceded – sweet relief – a nod of assent from He – and a fist pump from Qin. And there were tears.

Public proposals – even for anonymous fans in the crowd at ballgame or football games – are a calculated risk. You have to be pretty sure of the answer, lest you risk eternal embarrassment as the YouTube video or GIF of it lasts forever. So, Qin made sure he made an offer she couldn't refuse.

It was reportedly the second marriage proposal of the Games, after Marjorie Enya, a volunteer at the Games, proposed to Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo over the public-address system at Deodoro Stadium. This one was a lot more low key; you can't hear what they were saying, but the emotions spoke volumes.

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