Prison mates to be snapped


The Prison Commissioner Chandraratne Pallegama said today that The Department of Prisons has decided to formulate a photograph register of all inmates in prisons.

therefore as per the prisons act steps were being made to attach a photograph of the prisoners to their personal file.

Mr. Pallegama said according to the Prisons Act – Clause 156, it was necessary to do so but it had not been put into practice up to date.

“We have decided to attach a photograph of the prisoners to their personal file because it will help us arrest the prison escapees easily. We can seek assistance of the people and the media to identify the escapees. This was stipulated in the Prison’s Act but it has not been put into practice so far,” he said.

He also said, “There are many incidents of prison inmates escaping custody. This is a shortcoming on the part of the Prisons Department. We can overcome this shortcoming by educating the public by telling that these prisoners have escaped by displaying their photographs.”

Mr. Pallegama said the Department had planned to purchase the required apparatus like still cameras in a few days to initiate the process.

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